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Silver Needle White Tea (白毫银针)

Region: Taimu Mountain, Fujian, China

Other Names: Silver Needle Pekoe, Bai Hao Yin Zhen, Bai Hao Yinzhen, Yin Zhen Bai Hao, White Tip Silver Needle, Yin Zhen, bái háo yín zhēn, Silver Needles White Hair Tea, Sublime Needle

 The processing of Silver Needle White Tea first began during the Jia Qing period of Qing dynasty in 1796 using the CaiCha (XiaoBai) tea cultivar.

The first modern Silver Needle White Tea processing using the Fuding DaBai cultivar occurred in 1857.  By 1885, Fuding Silver Needle White Tea was exclusively grown using the Fuding DaBai cultivar.  Use of the Fuding DaHao cultivar occurred approximately 20 years later.  Today these two cultivars are considered by most tea experts to be the best tea plants for making white tea.

Silver Needle White Tea was the first Fuding White Tea to be commercially produced and exported.  The first exports of Silver Needle White Tea occurred around 1891 during the Guangxu period, 16th year of the Qing dynasty. 

Exports of Silver Needle White Tea peaked between 1912 and 1916 when annual exports exceeded 50 tons. Exports of the tea decreased during World War I and exportation did not substantially increase again until 1981.