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White Peony Tea Cake (白牡丹 )

Region: Taimu Mountain, Fujian, China

Other Names:Bai Mu Dan, Pai Mu Dan, Bai Mudan, bái mǔ dān

The processing of White Peony first began around 1922 using either the Fuding DaBai or Zhenghe DaBai cultivars, sometimes blending them with the ShuiXianBai cultivar.  

After many years of comparing, testing and improving the cultivars, there was a consensus by tea experts that Fuding DaBai and Fuding DaHao were the best cultivars for making white teas. New names, HuaCha #1/Chinese Tea No.1 and HuaCha #2 / Chinese Tea No.2 were given to Fuding DaBai and Fuding DaHao and after strict testing the names were approved in 1984 by the China Quality Tea Cultivar Testing and Approving Committee. 

In 1988, both cultivars were listed in the China Quality Tea Cultivars Collection. Today, most commercial production of Fuding white tea uses these two recognized cultivars. 

All of PeLiTeas white teas are selected from teas produced from these two recognized cultivars. Following on the success of Silver Needle White Tea, Fuding White Peony Tea has attained a worldwide recognition and reputation, especially in Europe and the United States.