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Tea Growing

The evergreen tea tree or bush (Camellia sinensis) has leathery, serrated, strongly veined leaves that sprout from short-channeled stalks off a stem that has numerous leafy branches.  The underside of a young leaf has many fine hairs that disappear as the leaf ages.  The plant can grow as tall as small trees but it is mostly trimmed to bush size to encourage new growth.  The young leaves, or flush, are the prized leaves from which the best teas are made.

At the time of Emperor Nung, all Camellia sinensis varieties were wild and were discovered in various parts of the country.  These plants adapted to different humidity levels, elevations and amount of sun light. Variations were found in many different climates.

By the time of Lu Yu, cultivation was spreading rapidly as it was a sign of respect to the Imperial family. Tribute teas were favored and small quantites were reserved for royalty. Each tea-growing province had certain attributes that resulted in different types of tea being produced.

It is some of these quality teas that PeLi Teas has brought to the attention of the North American tea drinker. These mostly hand picked and traditionally processed teas have been enjoyed for hundreds of years in China.