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Oolong Tea

Wuyi Shui Xian

Legend has it that on a broiling summer day a poor woodchopper from Jian Ou in the northern Fujian province felt extremely thirsty and tired after chopping wood in the hot sun all day. He found a cool place to rest near Zhu Xian Cave.

He felt a blast of fresh breeze that had a refreshing fragrance. He followed the fragrance to its source finding a young tea plant with plump big green tea leaves and covered with small fragrant white flower blossoms. He picked several of the fresh tea leaves from the tree and found that by chewing them he felt amazingly cool and refreshed and his thirstiness and tiredness were gone.

He cut a branch from the tree and took it home with him. That evening a rainstorm caused a wall near his home to fall, covering the small tea branch. In time, the small branch sprang to life and grew into a large tea plant.

When it matured, the woodchopper made tea with tea plant’s leaves. By drinking the tea over time, the woodchopper’s health and strength improved. When he told his neighbors about the tea plant they all asked him for tea leaves.

Because Zhu Xian (the cave near where the tea plant was found) sounds like Shui Xian in the local dialect, the people named the tea plant Shui Xian. Using the cuttings from the woodchopper’s tea plant, many tea plants were cultivated and Shui Xian tea became famous throughout the area.