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Oolong Tea

Qi Zhong Tea Cake

PeLi Teas Qi Zhong Tea Cake gets its popularity from its natural nutty aroma and full-bodied taste.  Our Qi Zhong’s tiny leaves have a consistent, plump brownish emerald-green center with a reddish edge appearance that is especially noticeable when the tea is steeped.

PeLi Teas high quality Qi Zhong is hand-picked only in the spring, between April 18th and May 30th, from the wild tea gardens scattered around the center of the Wuyi Shan National Nature Reserve area, the birthplace of both Lapsang Souchong (Bohea Tea) and Wuyi Rock Tea (Var Bohea), and where Wuyi Shan’s most famous tribute tea, the Dragon and Phoenix Cake Tea was first produced, during Song and Yuan Dynasties.

The tea leaves of the high mountain small leaf cultivars from which Qi Zhong is made are processed using centuries old traditional methods.  The cultivars themselves come from many different wild small leaf tea bushes, indigenous to the local area and are the same tea leaves used to produce our world famous Lapsang Souchong.  The tea plants are intermingled among each other, allowing natural genetic cross-breeding. This natural occurrence creates consistency in the quality, size and appearance of our Qi Zhong.