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Oolong Tea

Da Hong Pao “Big Red Robe” (Traditional)

Our Da Hong Pao’s exceptional quality comes from the Da Hong Pao cultivar who's origin can be traced back to the six Da Hong Pao mother trees on Jiu Long Ke Cliff.  These cultivars are grown in pristine tea gardens located high in the unspoiled Wuyi Shan Mountains. PeLi Teas’ Da Hong Pao starts with select, plump, tender tea leaves. The leaves are then expertly crafted by our skilled masters using time-honored production methods.
Da Hong Pao is plucked during all four seasons of the year with about 45 days of intermission between each plucking. Usually, the tea is picked in May, July, September and November. Our spring flush tea is known for producing the best quality and highest quantity of tea. The best plucking time for Da Hong is in the afternoon between 2 pm and 5 pm when the tea leaves usually contain the least moisture.  The picking standard for Da Hong Pao is three or four mature, yet tender, whole and consistent size leaves.

Since its beginning, Da Hong Pao, “Big Red Robe” has always been one of China’s most revered teas and the King of Wuyi Rock Oolong Teas. As a class, the Wuyi Rock teas are always ranked among China’s Ten Most Famous Teas. Da Hong Pao originated in the Wuyi Shan area of the Northwest Fujian Province, the “Tea Varietals Kingdom” and cradle of the world’s oolong teas and home of the world famous Lapsang Souchong black tea.