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TEA: The Most Healthful Plant Known

Tea has more healthful properties than any other plant. 

There is no other plant known that has had such a positive effect on human health.  Tea has been used for centuries and been found in scientific studies to be protective against cancers, viruses, bacteria, plague, diabetes, tooth decay and aging.  Used regularly tea improves heart function, energy and maintains weight and wil assist in weight loss.  It is truly a super food without calories.

Tea is loaded with protective organic compounds that coat and seal exposed cell surfaces and bind loose ends of DNA.  A small amount of these tea compounds in and on the body protects and repairs many types of general environmental damage and stresses.  

Tea prevents cancers from forming in various ways in addition to being a healthful antioxidant. Some of the compounds in tea, of which there are over 500 in full leaf tea, alter and modulate abnormal cell growth. Tea can repair aging damage and prevent abnormal cells from forming. The effect is cancer prevention by abnormal cell (cancer cell) death.

Tea (Camellia sinensis) evolved in an environment that was very harsh.  In some cases it was very dry and rocky and in other environments it was very humid.  Its ability to survive, adapt and thrive in its natural environment has fortified it with hundreds of trace compounds not yet studied.   These compounds are made available to us by eating the leaves or infusing them in hot water.

Tea has been added to more water than any other substance.   Once added to hot water the protective properties of tea are released for a short time to the drinker.  These properties are often times now referred to as ‘antioxidant’ properties.  If the tea drinker has ingested these tea compounds in the proper manner, science has shown that tea compounds and extracts combine with individual cell structures providing protection.

Another action of tea now under scientific study is a general stimulation of the immune response system.  Some of the compounds in tea are rejected by the body.  This process of rejection causes a stimulation of the immune system so that when the tea chemicals are eliminated other unhealthful compounds in the body are eliminated also.

Tea also has stimulant properties comparable to some of the most widely sold energy drinks plus it has theanine. Theanine is an amino acid that gives the drinker of tea a clarity of focus only found in tea. These stimulant properties, focus enhancement properties and a much sought after taste and aroma can and have caused a chemical craving in people that has literally changed the world.

Is tea too good to be true?  The answer has to be yes for some, it is too good to be true.  Tea is not for everyone as they may have some adverse effects but for most of us it is simply the best protection we can have for our health without a prescription.  If tea were any better it would be illegal!

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