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Yellow Bud (Huoshan Huang Ya)

Region: Anhui Province, Huoshan County, Da Bie Shan area

Other Names: Yellow Bud, Mount Huo Yellow Sprout or Ya Cha

The dry tea leaves of our Huoshan Huang Ya, like most bud teas, have a fresh grassy aroma.  When steeped, the tea liquor is similar to a green oolong with a greenish yellow color.   The liquor has a fresh, delightfully smooth taste. 

The tea should be steeped at temperatures around 162º F / 72º C and the steeping time should be gradually increased for subsequent infusions.  Yellow Bud is traditionally steeped in a clear glass so as to enjoy the beauty of its tender buds and leaves.  It is best when used within twelve months of picking.