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Yellow Bud (Huoshan Huang Ya)

Region: Anhui Province, Huoshan County, Da Bie Shan area

Other Names: Yellow Bud, Mount Huo Yellow Sprout or Ya Cha

PeLi Teas Huoshan Huang Ya is a yellow tea from Huoshan County in the Southwestern Anhui Province of China.  Huoshan County is located in the Da Bie Shan area.  This area has a humid subtropical climate with approximately sixty inches of rainfall per year.  The area is a heavily forested mountainous region with bamboo trees and many clear streams, springs and waterfalls.  The soil is rich containing many natural minerals and nutrients conducive to growing this particular tea. The tea gardens where PeLi Tea’s Yellow Bud is grown are generally more than 1,300 feet above sea level.

PeLi Tea’s downy Yellow Bud is made with the Huoshan Jinji (Golden Rooster) cultivar and continues to be processed using traditional agricultural and production methods.  The tea plants rely on natural nutrients in the soil and no fertilizers, pesticides or weed abatement chemicals are used near our tea gardens.  The plucking season for our Huoshan Huang Ya tea is generally around the end of the fifth solar term (GuYu) or the middle of April.  Our Huang Ya tea is produced from leaf sets containing one delicate bud and either one or two tender leaves, making our Yellow Bud tea very tender. 

After our tea is plucked and withered and slightly oxidized, the tea leaves are pan fired to stop oxidation.  Then the tea leaf sets are wrapped, rolled and dried several times.  The finished dried tea leaf sets are downy and silvery in appearance.  They resemble a delicate bird tongue shape.  After winnowing, grading and packaging, our Yellow Bud is ready for your drinking enjoyment.