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Top Liu An Gua Pian (Melon Slice) (六安瓜片)
*** 2008 WORLD TEA CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER!!!!- (Super Green Tea) ***

Region: Liu An area, Anhui province, China

Other Names: Liu An Gua Pian, Emerald Petals Green Tea, Liu An Melon Seed; Melon Slice, Emerald Tea

PeLi Teas Top Liu An Gua Pian is grown in Dabie Shan, a mountainous area that has a misty, humid and cloudy climate.  This climate contributes to our tea’s superior quality.  In the middle of April, fresh tea leaves are usually plucked with only the first, second and third tea leaves chosen.  The buds and very tender leaves are removed and sometimes used to make another famous tea, Emerald Eyebrow. 

PeLi Teas Top Liu An Gua Pian and Liu An Gua Pian teas are known for the tenderness of their fresh tea leaves.   To produce our quality Melon Slice tea, tender leaves are plucked in the early Spring.  The leaves stems and buds are removed, the buds often used to produce Emerald Eyebrow.  Only the first, second and third tea leaves are used to produce our tea. 

The leaves are withered to reduce leaf moisture and then baked and simultaneously rolled to stop oxidation and give the tea its unique melon seed shape.  The tea then goes through several drying processes requiring the skill of an experienced tea master. After drying, the tea is sorted, winnowed to remove broken tea and then graded.