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Tai Ping Hou Qui

Region: Taiping county, Anhui province, China

Other Names: Monkey tea, Tai Ping Hou Kwei, Monkey King, Monkey Chief, Taiping Hou Kui, Hou Kui tea

For best taste our Tai Ping Hou Kui should be steeped in water temperatures around 185ºF/ 85ºC. After infusion, our tea’s leaves are green and slightly yellow in color and its slightly yellowish green tea liquor is clear, clean and bright.  Our tea is known for its distinct lasting orchid aroma and mellow sweet taste. 

This tasty tea can be infused multiple times by slightly and progressively increasing the steeping time.  To enjoy the unique leaves dancing in water steep this tea in a clear transparent glass.  This tea makes good iced tea.