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Silver Needle Jasmine Green Tea

Region: Fujian, China

Other Names: Jasmine Silver Tip, Jasmine Yin Zhen, Jasmine Silver Needle, Yin Hao Silver needle Jasmine

PeLi Teas Silver Needle Jasmine Green Tea is a Jasmine scented green tea, first developed in the 1990s in Fuding City.  The tea was given its name because it is made from the same plump unopened leaf buds that its cousin Silver Needle White Tea is made of.  

After plucking, the fine, tender unopened leaf buds are slightly withered to reduce moisture.  The Silver Needles are then heated to arrest oxidation and go through a further drying process and then cooled, winnowed to remove unwanted broken tea and sorted.  Silver Needle green tea is a delightful drink without any further processing. 

To make our Silver Needle Jasmine Green Tea, the Silver Needles are mated with freshly picked, plump, late autumn White Night Jasmine.  The autumn Jasmine blooms are favored because they contain less moisture and have a finer fragrance.  Our tea experts pick the delicate big white plump flowers in the morning when the tiny petals are tightly closed and keep them in a cool place until early evening. 

In the early evening, when the Jasmine flowers are half open, bamboo trays of Silver Needle are layered alternatively between bamboo trays of the fresh Jasmine blossoms and warm air is gently blown for several hours through the trays, mating the fresh green tea with the Jasmine flowers’ scent and taste.  

This process is repeated several times. During scenting, the tea will absorb the moisture of the Jasmine flowers and must be re-dried after the scenting process is completed.  After our tea masters have achieved the desired taste and fragrance, our Silver Needle Jasmine Green Tea is again winnowed, refined and packed.