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Selenium Green Tea

Our Selenium Green Tea is produced in southern Anhui Province, near Huangshan Mountain, in an undisturbed, unpolluted area located 2,500 feet above sea. The growing area is known for its ideal natural environment and ecosystem.

Its residents are said to have an abnormally high human life expectancy of more than 85 years as compared to 77.4 years for all races in 2003 (U.S. Center for Disease Control National Vital Statistics Report, Vol. 54, No. 14, April 19, 2006).

In 2001 a scientific university in China determined that the reason for the residents’ longevity and good health was in part due to the fact that the soil in the area is naturally rich in selenium. The green tea grown in this area is rich in selenium and is a regular drink of the locals. 

The natural selenium in the soil is absorbed into the tea plants resulting in a higher than normal selenium content (200 to 2000 micrograms per kilogram).  Many believe that this is one of the reasons that the villagers are slimmer, healthier and have very low incidence of cancer. 

While large quantities of selenium intake may be toxic, some of the studies on selenium indicate:

  • Men with normal PSA levels may be able to decrease their chances of prostate cancer by increasing their selenium intake. 
  • People that have cancer generally have lower levels of selenium in them than those without cancer.  Research is still underway to identify if selenium may play a role in preventing and treating cancer.
  • Some research indicates that selenium has antioxidant properties that may help prevent heart and cardiovascular disease.
  • Studies have shown that using selenium supplements may help older individuals’ mood and general quality of life.
  • Selenium is necessary for human tissue maintenance and growth, and may protect human cell membranes.
  • Selenium may play a role in slowing aging and reduce the effects of pollution.
  • A study has shown a lower HIV viral load in patients who took selenium supplements for nine months and that selenium may improve the functioning of the immune system.

While there is still much to learn about selenium and its impact on human health and longevity, there is one thing that all green tea lovers will agree on-- PeLi Teas' naturally enriched selenium green tea is a delightful, delicious, tasty, earthly treasure.