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Misty Mountain Green Tea (雾绿)

Region: High mountain area, Zhejiang, China

Other Names: WuLv, Jiangxi Green WuLv

PeLi Teas healthy, wiry shaped Zhejiang green tea is grown on a natural Nature Reserve among ancient brooks and waterfalls approximately 3,300 feet above sea level. This unspoiled area has rich fertile soil, a gentle sub-tropical climate and a year-round misty cloud cover ideal for producing this fine green tea.

Our Misty Mountain Green Tea has a superb, fragrant vegetal aroma with sweet floral overtones. When infused, Misty Mountain Green Tea’s emerald green, clear liquor has a fresh, smooth taste.  For your best taste steep this tea at 176º F/ 80º C. We suggest you infuse this tea multiple times by slightly and progressively increasing the steeping time to your own desire.