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Liu An Gua Pian (Melon Slice) (六安瓜片)

Region: Liu An area, Anhui province, China

Other Names: Liu An Gua Pian, Emerald Petals Green Tea, Liu An Melon Seed; Melon Slice, Emerald Tea

A long, long time ago a farmer named Hu Lin from the town of Jinzhaimabu made a regular visit to Qiyun Shan to pluck fresh tea leaves.  On one particular day as he climbed up a cliff where nobody had picked tea before, he found several extremely tender and green tea plants.  The plants had big, rich, downy tea leaves. He plucked the fresh tea leaves from these special tea plants and processed some tea.  

On his way back home, he became thirsty and stopped at a tea house, where he prepared his own tea from the special plants.  While steeping the tea, a thin layer of white bubbles floated in the tea pot, appearing like a white cloud in the shape of a golden lotus flower. The tea emitted a very sweet fragrance, which pleased all the other people that were in the tea house.

On his next visit to Qiyun Shan, Hu Lin was unable to find the special tea plants and became very sad.  Many years later, another tea farmer went to Qiyun Shan and found several tea plants growing beside a cave on the Mountain.  These tea plants were just like the ones described by Hu Lin and the special tea produced by these plants became a legendary tea, know as Liu An Gua Pian for its shape.

Liu An Gua Pian or Melon Slice is one of China's Ten Famous teas and won the China Tea Award in 1982 and China Food and Drink Award in 1988 for its superior refreshing taste and quality.