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Jasmine Dragon Pearl

Region: Fujian, China

Other Names: Jasmine Bai Long Zhu, Jasmine LongZhu, Jasmine LongTuanZhu, Imperial Long Chu, Jasmine Dragon Pearls, Jasmine Dragon Ball, Peony Jasmine Tea/Ball

Our dry Jasmine Dragon Pearl has a lasting pleasing green tea fragrance and a refreshing Jasmine floral scent. When steeped, the pearls unfold releasing a refreshing jasmine scent and producing bright clear yellowish-green tea liquor that has the rich, mellow, smooth, refreshing and captivating taste of flower and tea.

To obtain the best flavor, steep our Jasmine Dragon Pearl at 203º F/ 95º C. This tasty tea can be infused multiple times by slightly and progressively increasing the steeping time.