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Jade Fire Green Tea (涌溪火青)

Region: Yongxi Mountain area, Anhui, China

Other Names: Jade Fire, Yong Xi Huo Qing, Yongxi Jade Fire, Yong Xi Green Fire, Huo Qing, Fire Jade

The shape of Jade Fire is similar to gunpowder tea but it is considered by experts to be a much more refined and higher quality tea.  The tea is known for its special shape, color and unmistakable orchid fragrance.  Its name Huo Qing means “Huo for pan frying” and “Qing for its green color.”

Our delicious Jade Fire is grown near Wantou Mountain in the Yong Xi area, one of the famous areas for this tea.  PeLi Teas Jade Fire is produced from the Yong Xi Liu Ye Zhong tea cultivar.  It grows near flowering orchids and other spring vegetation that creates a distinctive fragrance in the air each spring. Wantou Mountain is surrounded by mountains in three directions.  A clean, clear brook meanders along the foot of the mountain.  The Yong Xi tea plants thrive in an environment that has year round thick fog and mist.  The short sunlight period and thick fertile soil all benefit growing tender and fuzzy fresh tea leaves for our special Yong Xi Huo Qing tea.  

The tender buds and delicate leaves that are used to produce PeLi Teas’ Jade Fire are plucked in the early spring, usually around the beginning of April. The fresh tea leaves are strong and straight.  Two leaves with sharp tips and one tender bud of the rare Yong Xi Liu Ye Zhong cultivar are selected to make the tea.  The first tea leaf is only slightly opened, and the second tea leaf is slightly backward curled. Each leaf set has one tender bud and two uniform sized clean looking leaves.

PeLi Teas selected tea leaves are withered and then pan fired to stop oxidation. Our tea is then rolled into a beautiful, deep green pearl shape and dried multiple times at low temperatures. The entire processing takes our skilled tea masters around 20 to 22 hours.  Our tea is then winnowed, sorted and graded and we offer only the finest Jade Fire for your discerning taste.