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High Mountain Dragon Well (高山有机龙井)

Region: High mountain area, Zhejiang, China

Other Names: Dragon Well, Lung Ching, Longjing, Long-Jing, Lung-Ching, Dragonwell, Long Jing, Imperial Tea, Gong Cha, Princess of Green, Royal Tea

Our Dragon Well’s dry tea shoots and tender leaves are jade green in color and uniform in length. They have a flat sword or bird tongue shape, a smooth texture and a fresh vegetative aroma.  Our Dragon Well is comprised mostly of small buds.  When steeped, our High Mountain Dragon Well is a high-quality tea, pan fired and crafted by skilled tea masters. 

The extra care and attention given to our tea results in clear emerald green tea liquor possessing a subtle bean blossom orchid aroma and a pleasant, refreshing chestnut like taste. 

For best taste our High Mountain Dragon Well should be steeped at approximately 176º F/ 80º C.  This tasty tea can be infused multiple times by slightly and progressively increasing the steeping time.