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High Mountain Dragon Well (高山有机龙井)

Region: High mountain area, Zhejiang, China

Other Names: Dragon Well, Lung Ching, Longjing, Long-Jing, Lung-Ching, Dragonwell, Long Jing, Imperial Tea, Gong Cha, Princess of Green, Royal Tea

Our High Mountain Dragon Well tea is a blend of two of the three recognized Longjing tea cultivars, JiuKeng and the Longjing 43.  The JiuKeng varietal is known for its slightly later sprouting and sweeter tasting tea liquor. 

The Longjing 43 varietal was developed and improved by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Tea Research Institute to have a better appearance and earlier sprouting.  The combination of the JiuKeng and Longjing 43 varietals makes for a very tasty, fragrant, healthy tea.  Both cultivars have been strictly tested and approved by China’s Quality Agricultural Products Varietals Testing and Approving Committee.

Our High Mountain Dragon Well is grown in the high misty mountains of the Zhejiang province south of Hangzhou in a mountainous region more than 2,500 feet above sea level.  The soil is very fertile and abundant in essential nutrients.  The area is clean and undisturbed and has a gentle subtropical monsoon climate with an average annual rainfall of fifty-five inches and an average temperature of 63º F.

The fertile soil, misty subtropical climate, high altitude, moderate temperatures, and our High Mountain Dragon Well’s well recognized tea varietals make it a wonderful, slightly sweeter tea, capable of more infusions than most other Longjing teas.