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Buddha Tea

During the Qing Dynasty (1684), Emperor Kangxi, 23rd year, the following story was recorded in the Chinese book, Jiang Nan Tong Zhi.  

As the story goes, Jiuhua Buddha Tea was discovered by a Sichuan Monk and a Daoist at the end of the Tang Dynasty.  The monk and Daoist were on a pilgrimage to Jiuhua Mountain to worship the Di Zhang Buddha.  During their visit to the sacred mountain and as an act of faithfulness they ate only wild grass and wild fruit. 

From eating the wild plants they both became very dizzy and ill and their bodies began to swell.  They searched on the mountain for Chinese herbs and medicines to help cure their illness.  At last, they found a tea on the mountain that they boiled and drank.  The tea alleviated their symptoms and cured them. The story quickly spread and Jiuhua Mountain became famous for its Buddha tea. 

Today, Jiuhua Mountain is considered one of the four sacred Buddhist Mountains in China and has more than one thousand years of recorded history.  This sacred mountain has many temples and monasteries built on the hills around it. The locals believe that drinking Buddha Tea can help calm a person's mind, body and soul.