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Black Tea

Keemun Needle

PeLi Teas Keemun Needle is grown in the Qimen production area and famous for its unique sweet fragrance. In the international tea markets only India’s Darjeeling competes with Keemun for its aroma.  The aroma of Keemun is remindful of sweet fried-sugar, with hints of an orchid flower.  

To produce our fine Keemun teas, fresh tea leaves are plucked, usually from early April each year, using a range of standards from all tips down to the third leaf depending on the tenderness and grading of the tea. 

During the rough-processing stage the tea leaves are withered and rolled.  The withering and rolling causes the tea leaves to release enzymes that cause the oxidation process to occur.  Once the tea is fully oxidized it is dried.  Keemun then goes through refining steps of winnowing, screening, the removing impurities and debris, re-drying and sorting.  The tea is then graded, tested and packaged, and sometimes blended or scented.

When properly steeped, PeLi Teas Keemun Needle produces a clear and clean, bright reddish tea liquor. The dry leaf, infused leaf and the tea soup all evidence a pure consistent and lasting sweet fried-sugar and orchid flower fragrance.  Our Keemun has a rich, full-body, thick yet smooth mellow slightly sweet taste with a sweet aftertaste. Our Keemun teas are delightful by themselves or equally delightful with milk and sugar, honey, lemon and fruit juices.  They all make delightful ice teas.

Five of PeLi Teas’ black teas are made from our famous Keemuns.  All of PeLi Teas’ distinctive Keemun teas are full bodied teas, with a very distinctive and balanced sweet taste.

All of PeLi Teas’ quality Keemuns are grown and produced in southern Anhui Province in the Qimen production area (Qimen, Shitai, Dongzhi, Guichi and Yixian counties).  This area is a mountainous region with many clear streams, springs and waterfalls.  Tea is the business in this area and it can be found on every mountain. 

The climate of this region is ideal for forests, bamboo stands and supports green luscious vegetation year round.  The region’s soil is rich in shale and phyllite and provides excellent drainage for the tea plant.  Adequate rainfall, moderate temperature ranges and humidity and a misty, drizzly cloud cover these five counties year round. 

PeLi Teas’uses the Chuye tea cultivar developed from an ancient tea tree to produce its Keemun.  Chuye was chosen carefully and improved by agricultural experts to assure Keemun’s quality.  The area’s climate, soil, rainfall, temperature, the Chuye tea cultivar and the expert processing of PeLi Teas’ Keemuns all together create a distinctive rich, full-body, smooth, mellow, sweet orchid and fried-sugar flavor that the great Keemuns tea is known for.