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Black Tea

Keemun Mao Feng

PeLi Teas Keemun Mao Feng Tea should be steeped in water temperatures around 203º F/ 95º C.  This tasty tea can be infused multiple times by slightly and progressively increasing the steeping time.

When properly steeped, PeLi Teas Keemun Mao Feng produces a clear and clean, bright reddish tea liquor. The dry leaf, infused leaf and the tea soup all evidence a pure consistent and lasting sweet fried-sugar and orchid flower fragrance.  Our Keemun has a rich, full-body, thick yet smooth mellow slightly sweet taste with a sweet aftertaste. Our Keemun teas are delightful by themselves or equally delightful with milk and sugar, honey, lemon and fruit juices.  They all make delightful ice teas.

The Qimen County production exceeded his expectations and Keemun tea quickly gained popularity in England becoming one of the most prominent ingredients in fine English Breakfast tea blends. The English people loved Keemun and it was often given as a gift on the Queen’s birthday. 

In 1915 Keemun Black Tea received a Golden Medal in the Panama International Exposition and Keemun became the highest priced black tea during that period.  In 1913 fifty kilograms of Keemun sold for over 360 Liang or Silver pieces.  Keemun continued to win many local and national awards and medals throughout the years and in 1986 it became listed among China's Ten Most Famous Teas.